We want to consolidate
a fragmented industry.

As an affiliate you will benefit from a large pool of intellectual property and products.

Help Companies Grow

to their Full Potential

  • Instantly gain access to a new world of resources, support and products.
  • Let our team do all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on strategy and service/operations of your core business.
  • Increase revenues without investment or added overhead.
  • Access cutting-edge software systems only available to our clients and affiliates.
  • Get ahead of increasing competitive demand, and stay ahead with our technology-driven and collaborative approach.

Introducing a full site of apps to

audit-proof your business.

GoHACCP compliance software is the simplest most cost effective way to organize your operations, so you never have to worry about missing or incomplete records again.

Spend time solving problems,

not looking for them.

Lighting fast
HACCP creation

Automate HACCP Plan Creation


Bringing workflow automation to the world of food safety


Integrates with the world's most powerful inventory software

Guarantee audit

All records in one place and easily accessible in the cloud form virtually anywhere


A dashboard that shows you where all potential problems are.

Our metrics show you

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